New ADHD diagnosis method

Good news everybody it seems that there is some effort in the field of ADHD diagnosis. A new study conducted on a fairly small population has come up with the conclusion that the quantity of iron in the brain (exactly, iron) is a “biomarker” for detecting an ADHDed brain.

The lower the iron the higher the ADHD (heh!). This is only a preliminary study on a fairly small number of children. But if a bigger study is conducted maybe finally there will be a truly a scientific method to diagnose ADHD in children and adults.
The other method is pure wizardry and involves observing the behaviour of the child or adult for some time.

The new method involves using a tool that has been around for some time, a MRI scanner.

Iron in the brain is used in the production of that delicious neurotransmitter called dopamine which is lacking in an adult or child with ADHD.

Before you take your trusty pistol/revolver/AR/shotgun to put some more iron into your brain you should know this:
– bullets are almost/always made out of led.

Other news:

Researchers discover how the brain tangles its wires (possible cause of ADHD).”This miswiring of dopaminergic neurons in mice results in hyperactivity and attention deficits.” ( he heh!): buy generic strattera online

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